Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Halloween! Day 79

So of course, on the day where your son will be wearing a costume that you probably spent a lot of time working on, he poops entirely through his first outfit of the day. Luckily, he was just in a regular every day outfit and not anything he needed for his costume. It did make us wary about any future poops. Spoiler alert: he did not ruin his costume!

This huge poop previously mentioned was the worst of its kind. I know I have said that before, but I am a naive and new mother. It can always get worse. This one was so bad that he pooped through two onesies, his pants and onto my shirt. It was nasty and terrible. His outer onesie had a flexible enough neck so that we could pull it down and off him. The Gerber onesie was not flexible and we had to cut it off him. I am serious. I was not going to pull that over his head and then have to clean poop out of his hair. Heck no! He wasn't going to fit that onesie for much longer anyway! We had to give him a bath and we had to wash so many things. It got all over! So he has now bathed two days in a row. I know he likes the water, but come on!

Anyway, for Halloween he was a bag of Skittles! I loooove Skittles. We registered for them for our wedding, Mike put them on our baby shower gift and now we dressed Henry as a Fun Size bag of Skittles for his first Halloween.

We took him "Trick or Treating" to our friend's houses. We visited Betty, Myriel & Jim, Amanda, and Deanne & Charlie where we got to see the twins dressed a a pumpkin and a bumble bee! It was very nice and more practice on bringing Henry to other people's homes. We had to change him at Betty's. He was a little fussy I think just because he was in and out of the car and it was just different. Regardless, he did pretty well.

Oh and Patty came to see him here. Then we ate pizza! Happy Halloween!

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