Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday October 16, Day 64

I know that Henry is learning by touching, but I really wish he would stop learning about punching me in the boobs. Yes, this statement is supposed to be funny... It is true though. While nursing, Henry gets a bit active. I think I've mentioned this before, but now that he is getting abit more consistent with his movements, I wish he would avoid the punching.

Today also marked the first time he has ever pulled my hair! It seems like every other baby I have ever held, has pulled my hair. I never realized that it would take time and development before a baby would be able to do that! Now Henry can do it!

Patty has told me that I have mentioned this already, but I need to re-assert the "spidey sense" I get in my breasts when it is time to nurse Henry. It's an internal prickly feeling, almost electric.

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  1. Spidey Sense is a great way to put it! I'm sorry about the punching and pulling...tough love!