Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Halloween! Day 79

So of course, on the day where your son will be wearing a costume that you probably spent a lot of time working on, he poops entirely through his first outfit of the day. Luckily, he was just in a regular every day outfit and not anything he needed for his costume. It did make us wary about any future poops. Spoiler alert: he did not ruin his costume!

This huge poop previously mentioned was the worst of its kind. I know I have said that before, but I am a naive and new mother. It can always get worse. This one was so bad that he pooped through two onesies, his pants and onto my shirt. It was nasty and terrible. His outer onesie had a flexible enough neck so that we could pull it down and off him. The Gerber onesie was not flexible and we had to cut it off him. I am serious. I was not going to pull that over his head and then have to clean poop out of his hair. Heck no! He wasn't going to fit that onesie for much longer anyway! We had to give him a bath and we had to wash so many things. It got all over! So he has now bathed two days in a row. I know he likes the water, but come on!

Anyway, for Halloween he was a bag of Skittles! I loooove Skittles. We registered for them for our wedding, Mike put them on our baby shower gift and now we dressed Henry as a Fun Size bag of Skittles for his first Halloween.

We took him "Trick or Treating" to our friend's houses. We visited Betty, Myriel & Jim, Amanda, and Deanne & Charlie where we got to see the twins dressed a a pumpkin and a bumble bee! It was very nice and more practice on bringing Henry to other people's homes. We had to change him at Betty's. He was a little fussy I think just because he was in and out of the car and it was just different. Regardless, he did pretty well.

Oh and Patty came to see him here. Then we ate pizza! Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 78 Friday 10/30

Today Henry is two months and three weeks old. That seems crazy. I catch myself thinking that it is still summer. If I am home during the day, I must be sick or its summer. So with this messed up thinking, I am having a hard time grasping how much time is passing. It is not summer. It is almost Halloween. Daylight savings time in tomorrow. I am going back to school in one month. Henry is almost three months old. whoa.

In an effort to prepare for going back to work, I am trying to train my body to not want to produce milk in the later morning. I will breast feed Henry before I leave for school, but then I will not have a chance to pump until lunch and then during my prep period (around 2 pm). Then I will race to get home by 4:30 ish to feed him. We are starting now. I feed Henry before 7am and then Phillip feeds him a bottle around 9ish, then I do the rest since in the future I can either nurse or pump for those feedings.

Henry is just starting to play in the tub. He has always loved his baths. He has not once fussed in the water. He doesn't cry or anything. He just lounges and loves it. Now he likes to splash and kick and we actually have some play time after he's all clean.

We bought a Vado video camera that is the shape of a cell phone or ipod. I will post some videos. (I should mention that I don't think I will stop posting after Henry's first 100 days). We taped him splashing in the tub.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thurs Oct 29, Day 77

We can't remember when Henry had his first smile. I can't believe I didn't write down the date and time. I know I posted about when I went in to his room and he greeted me from the crib with a great smile, but I don't think that was his absolute first smile. Regardless, he smiles often now and it does not get much better than that. Phillip does think, however, that his first laugh must be coming soon. When that happens, this house is going to change forever! For the last twelve plus years, Phillip and I have done little more than try to make each other laugh... now it's Henry's turn.

oh, and I am working on a costume for Henry... just wait.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 76 Wednesday Oct 28

Henry was so fussy and poopy today. I'm not really sure what we did differently or what I might have eaten to cause this. I did have to go to school this afternoon so he had a bottle, but that's not brand new.

He had a big nap. (so of course he is growing)

but he also played with my hair! I was holding him and just swaying and singing and he had his hand up by my neck and he just played with my hair. I don't want to forget this.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 75 Tuesday Oct 27

Day 75??? Holy Crap!

Today we were on a quest for a flu shot. You would think that this was the end of the world or something. Everyone was out of the flu shot: we gave Target and two different CVSs a try. No dice. We ended up at the A to Z Pharmacy on Riverside Drive. The pharmacist is absolutely lovely. But of course, my arm is killing me.

Anyway, our pediatrician told us that it was imperative that we get both flu shots since Henry is too young to get one and I work with kids and Phillip is the main caregiver and yadda yadda. But NONE of our doctors have the shots to give us. What a world.

So now we wait until we can get the H1N1 shot... don't hold your breath.

Henry can now hit the toys hanging on his bouncy seat. He has so much more control over his arms. He used to just sit on the seat with his arms glued to his sides like he was trying not to fall. He did the same thing in the swing. Now he lifts his arms and tries to hit the hedgehog or the squirrel.

He also brings his hands to his mouth to chew on. His right hand is more dominant right now, but he can bring the left one up there too. He can't willingly keep them there for long, but he is now known to drool and suck his hands.

This is going so fast.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 74 Monday October 26

This boy is a babbling fool and we LOVE it. He just coos and sounds like a little hound dog. We said that when he made all his grunting noises, that he was our little piglet. Now he could be a puppy or a cow.

A woman at Trader Joe's stopped us in the parking lot just to look at Henry and she said, "He's in love with you" to me. I don't know why, but that was the sweetest thing I have heard! It just meant a lot to me.

He grabbed and got my glasses today. I knew, like the hair, that this day would come. I better make sure I have back up glasses.

I tried getting him to nap around 3pm today and it wasn't happening. I was so focused on getting him to sleep that I eventually put him in the swing. This normally isn't a problem, but when I finally gave up and put him there, it was past nap time and well past the next feeding time. I ended up missing that feeding and I felt so bad. Sometimes this lack of a strict schedule throws me off. I need structure. I'm glad we have our routine and I know that some day we will be more predictable, but not feeding him that time made me feel terrible.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 73 Sunday October 25

Henry totally copied Patty today. He was on a blanket on the floor near us while we sipped iced tea and chatted, like we do, and every so often Patty held her hand out to him. You could see him concentrating on her hand and when he looked away, she stopped doing it. When she'd do it again, you could see his arm twitching a little like he wanted to reach out to her. Then she started opening and closing her hand right above him and his little hand twitched, trying to open and close!!

It is amazing to watch him learn and try. You can see his mind working.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 72 Saturday Oct 24

Henry's hair is falling out! You can see it on his crib sheet. It looks like a dog is shedding. It also comes out a little when you brush his hair. His hair looks a little shaggy now.

I had heard that this would happen, Thank God! It totally freaked out Phillip until I told him that it was okay.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 71 Friday Oct 23

Henry and I love our long walks. I am really going to miss this. (I keep getting sad when I think about going back to work.)

Today we walked to the school that is attached to our church for a book fair. I love books. We read to Henry before bed every night. Any excuse to buy more books is good for me. I bought books for my nieces, for Henry and for myself. My students love those "how to draw" books so I got one for cars and one for Spongebob. I teach high school and they love Spongebob.

Just recently Henry started kicking his legs up. He is getting more aware of what he can do with his arms and his legs. He used to just kick one leg at a time and just outward. Then he could kick both legs out at the same time. Now he can kick them upward, like he is doing reverse crunches. I notice him doing this when he is fighting off sleep during a nap time. He doesn't normally like to just fall asleep, now he is physically trying to fight it.

Today calls for lots of rambling.

I want to mention that Deanne calls Henry's chin his "smile button" because Henry will sometimes smile if I tickle his chin. It's so sweet.

Tonight we video chatted with my family. They were celebrating my dad and my brother's birthdays. This was the first time Matt and Jill have seen Henry outside of photos. It was wonderful. Technology is amazing.

While I was rocking/dancing with Henry before bed, he gripped onto me like a hug. It was almost indescribable, but it made my heart swell.

Around midnight tonight, Henry decided he wanted to wake up. He hasn't done that in a while so Phillip got up and soothed him back to sleep. That was nice.

and last but not least tonight, this is on my mind:

If Henry eats a lot, people say that it is a growth spurt.
If Henry does not eat a lot, people say that it is a growth spurt.
If Henry sleeps a lot, people say that it is a growth spurt.
If Henry sleeps only a little bit, people say that it is a growth spurt...

He is just over two months old. He isn't doing anything but growing. He is spurting all the time! There is no rhyme or reason for most of what happens.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 70, Thu Oct 22

Henry went with me on the Walk of the Month! We walked around Toluca Lake and marveled at the houses and the Halloween decorations. Henry slept the entire two plus miles walk. He looooooooooves the movement of the stroller. It just lulls him to sleep.

At the end of the walk, we had pie at Marie Callender's (I had this blueberry cream pie that was awesome!). Henry, of course, woke up and was hungry. So, I nursed him with the modesty cape. I am slowly getting more comfortable with doing this. I hesitated, worried about what I was going to do. He was crying a bit and I was giving him the pacifier. Then I was going to ask if anyone would mind if I nursed him as I started to take him out of the stroller. Anita's sister asked me about him and in talking to her I told her that he was hungry, needed to be fed and that I wondered if anyone would mind. She said, "no one minds, go ahead". So I did.

Tonight was also the USS Rock n Roll dinner party. Phillip and I worked really hard to: make and bring food and dessert, get the baby fed, changed and in his pajamas and practiced with the Pack N Play. It was a crap ton of work for only about an hour of socializing. Henry did great! He went to sleep in the Pack N Play after minimal rocking. I was exhausted. This whole bringing him out during bedtime doesn't seem worth it yet.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday October 21, Day 69

Mike and Amanda's Anniversary! #3! Way to go!

Today I had to go to school from about 10-4 give or take some travel time. I even went to Curves in the morning before getting ready... but here is how the day went for Henry:

He slept until 5am! Wow! So I felt great when I got up to nurse him. But then, when my alarm went off for Curves, I realized that our general schedule was going to be off. I was going to leave just before 8 and he would want to be fed around then... So at 7:37, I woke him up to nurse him. He did pretty good, slept most of the time. It's funny to me that babies can nurse and "sleep" at the same time. I wish I could eat a cheeseburger while taking a nap.

I was hesitant about waking him, but I wanted to make sure I could exercise and he would be fed. Flexibility, my friend!

Anyway, I think this bump in the schedule threw off his whole day. After I nursed him around 9, after working out, and left at 10, he gave Phillip the hardest time. Remember that long nap he has been taking around 11? Not today. Phillip said it seemed like he couldn't make him happy, no matter what. Henry wanted to be held, no. He wanted to lay flat on a blanket, no. He needed his pants changed, no. He wanted a bottle, yes, but still not happy. He needed to burp, sometimes. It just kept going and going.

So Phillip took Henry in his stroller to the grocery store, thinking the walk would make him sleep. It didn't. And he fussed in the store. When they got home, Henry cried the whole time while Phillip went to pee. Phillip was soooo frustrated. Then Henry finally fell asleep just as I got home.

Tonight, after Phillip left for his class, Henry gave me some fussiness too. He had a huge burp with spit up. I wonder if he is struggling with reflux or something. I think I am going to try nursing more vertically rather than horizontally and I'm going to let him dictate the schedule tomorrow. Even if it means nursing at Marie Callender's.

Henry did go to sleep tonight, but not after his 5pm feeding. I think he is starting to spread out the naps. I need to pay attention to the sleep changes. We also need to incorporate more Phillip time so they get used to each other together without me. The last three weeks have been really Henry/Mommy centered. It is going to be so hard to go back to work.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday October 20, Day 68

Henry and I met Ruby today! She is such a sweet, gorgeous four month old baby! We were at a Starbucks in Burbank and a five year old girl there just loved the babies! She did a drawing of me holding Ruby. It was soooo sweet.

Henry also had a long nap again today. We are just blown away by it. Slowly, we are trying to acclimate ourselves to it.

Some things I wanted to mention here because I don't want to forget them:

Henry is just now starting to get this messy milk mouth while he nurses. It's sort of like when I used to call him Chicken Face, but now I have to stay on it so he doesn't get milk behind his ears or in his chubby neck folds.

I want to remember when we first got home from the hospital and I would nurse him and I could hear the milk travel in his small body and hit his tummy. I wish I could describe the sound, but I already struggle with words.

It seems like Henry is burping more often. He is also spitting up more often. I wonder if this is something you learn to do... Is there anything I can expect from him based on how he has already behaved?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, October 19, Day 67

He had the craziest, longest nap ever today!!

While we took Grandma Janet to the airport, Henry fell asleep in the car. He was still asleep when we brought him in the house. We thought about taking him our of the carseat, but we knew it would wake him up. We got lunch together quickly and thought we could eat before he woke up. When he isn't moving in the carseat, he doesn't stay asleep in there. We prepared lunch and ate lunch and he was still asleep. We were a little nervous about what to do. Do we leave him in there? Do we wake him up? I didn't want to do either, but waking him up seems like the thing I wanted to do less.

We took Janet to the airport before/around 11am. Henry didn't wake up until after 1pm. I know that is only two hours, but he normally naps 30-45 minutes. This was amazing.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday October 18, Day 66

Grandpa Ray's birthday!!

Henry slept from around 9pm last night until 6am this morning. We almost died. I couldn't believe it. I know it won't last, but... Thank you, God!

So, thinking I could go to this wedding without my baby and without my pump was absolutely ridiculous. I was in SO much pain by the time we left, I thought I was going to cry. (that and my feet hurt... I hate heels) My boobs were so hard. It was pretty bad. I have learned my lesson. I will nurse or pump wherever I am, I don't care what people think.


Last night when we got back from Christina's house, we found Henry on the blanket happily playing with Grandma and Grandpa. As soon as he saw us, he burst out crying, super loud and screamy. We just gaped at him and went to him. As soon as we got close, he stopped. He just wanted to tell us, "HEY! WHERE WERE YOU? I MISSED YOU!" We got it. And it was funny and sweet.

Tonight, we got back and he was asleep. We had lots to share about the wedding and desserts to eat. And I had to pump.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday October 17, Day 65

Henry woke up today the most pleasant, wide eyed baby I have ever seen! Phillip was changing him and we just marveled at his beautiful-ness. We spend so much of our time realizing that this baby is ours. We are so blessed. We are so lucky. We have so much to be thankful for.

Grandpa Ted and Grandma Janet are here this weekend. They flew out here to visit and be our babysitters. We have Christina's birthday party tonight and the wedding of the year tomorrow. I haven't left Henry yet. Amanda babysat him about a week ago as previously mentioned, but I wasn't here to actually leave him. I was already at school and Phillip left him with her. This, I think is going to be the hardest part.

And I wanted to mention how much I love the Sleep Sack (by Halo). It's a wearable blanket so I don't have to worry about his face getting covered in the middle of the night. And he looks so sweet in it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday October 16, Day 64

I know that Henry is learning by touching, but I really wish he would stop learning about punching me in the boobs. Yes, this statement is supposed to be funny... It is true though. While nursing, Henry gets a bit active. I think I've mentioned this before, but now that he is getting abit more consistent with his movements, I wish he would avoid the punching.

Today also marked the first time he has ever pulled my hair! It seems like every other baby I have ever held, has pulled my hair. I never realized that it would take time and development before a baby would be able to do that! Now Henry can do it!

Patty has told me that I have mentioned this already, but I need to re-assert the "spidey sense" I get in my breasts when it is time to nurse Henry. It's an internal prickly feeling, almost electric.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thu 10/15, Day 63

Today was Henry's first vaccinations. It was awful. I hated every minute of it. His reactions to the needle were so painful and he screamed and screamed. He turned bright red and made cries I haven't heard before. He started to calm down after the second shot, but there was one more to go. By this point, I was crying and telling him I was sorry. It sucked. Bad.

The doctor said that he could react by being fussy, having a fever, sleeping through a feeding, or have absolutely no reaction. So far Henry has been pretty sleepy. He hasn't missed a feeding really, but he has stretched out the time in between and then he doesn't nurse for long. We are also giving him Tylenol every four hours (although he is sleeping now and I am not going to wake him in 45 minutes when another four hours is up. I'll just give it to him when he wakes up on his own). He is slightly fussy, but not too much more than normal. I'm not sure yet what other reactions he will have... (to be continued)

He did weigh in at 14 lbs and 7 oz today and is now 25 inches long!! He is in the 97th percentile in both height and weight. Dr. Lubin was very pleased.

I asked her when he would likely learn how to hold the pacifier and she said he may not ever take to it. This troubles me a little because he likes to use the pacifier in order to calm himself to sleep so if he doesn't learn to hold it in himself, I'm going to be doing a lot of paci holding. I do think that he will take to sucking his thumb or fingers when he figures out how to hold them to his mouth, so then I can retire.

I wanted to include some things in here that I don't want to forget. Early on when I was trying to breastfeed him, he would open his mouth wide when we said "open" but he often kept his tongue up and in the way. Late at night this was very frustrating. During the day it was funny. I just realized today that we don't have this problem anymore. I'm not sure when it went away.

A joke that at least Phillip and I thought was funny: we were talking about how we call Henry by his name and expecting that he knows that it is his name, but if you went by the word we say most often to him, he might think his name is "Open" (or "I love you").

Last night he slept really well. I left him in his crib at 8:30 pm and he didn't wake up until 3 am. Then after he was changed and nursed until 3:45 am, he slept until 7! This was pretty great! I'm not sure how the shots will affect his sleep pattern, but good or bad, I won't get too excited or upset.

Tomorrow Grandma Janet and Grandpa Ted come to visit!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wed Oct 14 Day 62

First babysitter!!

Amanda watched Henry while I went to school for a parent meeting and Phillip went to his UCLA class. It worked out really well and I am soooooooo happy.

I don't know if it will change drastically or not, but he is really good with people right now.

He is also sleeping pretty well. 3 hours and 45 minutes in a row and then 4 and a half!

I took him with me to the UMW luncheon where he slept until I had to feed him. I jumped in and nursed him right there using the Bebe Au Lait. I was nervous, but I did it!

I also noticed goose bumps on him for the first time today!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tues 10/13, Day 61

We went through FIVE, count them, five diapers at 6 am today. I am so serious. First, he peed while Phillip was changing him. He was on his new diaper already so he had to change that one. While that one was in transit, Henry pooped. He just pooped right there on the table.

as you can see, it just went on from there...

He also had another huge plunky barf again today. This time while doing Tummy Time.

I also called the doctor's office so they could walk me through what will happen on Thursday when Henry gets his first set of shots. I'm so nervous. The receptionist wasn't all that helpful, so I called Emily instead. She can actually answer a question. I wanted to know how he might react, if it hurts, what to do, how to handle, etc. She gave me the low down from her experience.

The receptionist said that I could give Henry baby Tylenol one hour before his appointment and that the instructions for how much would be on the box... not true!! It says if your baby is under 2 years or under 24 lbs, then to consult your doctor. Wonderful!

Emily said that she just brings the tylenol with her to the doctor and asks and administers it then. She also said that she nursed her babies after their shots.

mental notes!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday 10/12, Day 60

Wow, he totally barfed today. It wasn't like a puke, more like spit up, but it was huge, it rolled down Phillip's back, leaving a streak and it plunked on the floor. Very impressive.

We also went to the Drive in tonight!! I really wanted to go to the movies and Phillip suggested the Drive in so we could all go and I could nurse if need be. It was fun! We saw Couples Retreat. If you like Vince Vaughn and you think he is charming, then you will probably like this movie. It did not need to be two hours, though.

We didn't stay for the second movie. Henry slept the ENTIRE time and I wanted to make sure that he nursed before it was too late at night and I wanted to change him at home. It was so so cold and I didn't want to take him out of his car seat to the rest room.

a really nice night

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday 10/11, Day 59

When I went in this morning to get Henry up to nurse, he smiled at me. He has smiled to himself or at the window or just in general, but today he smiled at me. I thought I was going to die happy. It was wonderful.

We also dressed him in his Bears outfit (hand me down from Noah!!) in honor of Sunday football.

He is so cute!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sat 10/10, Day 58

I know Henry visited Curves last Saturday, today he came with me for the workout! Shana was so awesome. She said he could come with me and when he got a little fussy, she took him out of the stroller and held him while I worked out. He slept in her arms. It was so sweet.

Then after my workout, I proceeded to trip/fall/roll my ankle. AHHHHHH!! I was so embarassed. Regardless, Henry and I still had some errands to do... on foot. And I think it helped. We walked to the dry cleaner and Walgreen's. Then we went home to nurse and then we were out again, this time to another Walgreen's for envelopes, Borders for Grandpa Ray's birthday present and then a visit to Amanda.

This was the first time we were visiting friends at their home. Henry has always been the visitee, not the visitor, but we have become quite the traveling pair. We had to nurse in Amanda's bedroom, but we made it work! Henry was so good while she was holding him and then he played on the ground while we stared at him and then he fell asleep on my chest while I talked to Mike about how the Office could have been better.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday October 9, Day 57

Shopping with Karen for the STAR PSPs. Soooo fun!

And Henry slept almost the entire time!

He and I also went shopping at the mall for pants that fit (for me, sigh) the other day and he was great! Like I said about Target a few days ago, if the stroller is moving, he will fall asleep. We did have a moment in the dressing room where he woke up (he was no longer moving) and I had to try on jeans while holding his pacifier. When is he going to learn how to grip the pacifier himself?

Today was also the day where we took Halloween/Fall/Pumpkin pictures with Patty. She is an amazing photographer (I know I have said it before). We were so blessed that she took the time to go with us to the Toluca Lake Pumpkin Patch for pictures!! Then I took those photos and promptly made a birth announcement/Halloween card that we will send out instead of Christmas cards this year. I am excited! I can pick them up at Walgreen's tomorrow!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thurs 10/8, day 56

Today marked the first time where I could not console Henry. Remember when we went to the doctor and found out he had and ear infection? The doctor was really pleased that Henry could be consoled when he was uncomfortable/cold/hurting (whatever he was while she was checking his ears and listening to his chest and back with a cold stethoscope).

Anyway, he could not be consoled today and I'm not sure why.

He was in his swing and was a little fussy. I was going to be cooking dinner so I put on some music that I thought he would like. He didn't so after a while, I turned it off. He was starting to cry.

I started chopping onions for the chicken posole and his crying increased. I tried making the vibrations on the swing stronger and the swinging faster and it didn't work. Normally, it does and it puts him to sleep. Nope!

So now I'm crying because of the onions and he starts wailing (I wonder if it could have been the onions too? He wasn't in the kitchen, but he wasn't super far away). I try washing my hands fast and I text Phillip that I need help. Luckily he was working with Mike in the building, so he got here quickly. He took Henry into his room and rocked him until he calmed down.


I finished making dinner. It was scary and I know that some moms and dads have that more often than not. I don't know what I would do.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our ninth anniversary Oct 7, Day 55

We went out to breakfast because Wednesdays are super busy in our house.

Hugo's has a wonderful breakfast. Phillip always gets the Pasta Papa and I finally got the pumpkin pancakes that I have often longed for.

Henry fell asleep. He had already eaten, you see.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday 10/6, Day 54

Went shopping at Target with Amanda and Henry. very cool!

Did you know, that even at the Starbucks in Target, you can get a refill on tea or coffee for only fifty cents? It's true!

Henry does great at stores. He loves motion so as long as we keep moving the stroller, he sleeps. It's wonderful.

Then Henry met Erin!

And we have recently started dressing him in hoodie sweaters because it is COLD in here. I swear we were just sweating out butts off and now its 64 degrees indoors!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Oct 5, Day 53

It is official. Henry slept for five hours last night. He finished nursing around 745pm and I didn't hear him again until around 1am. NO WAY! Of course I didn't go to bed until after 11pm so I didn't sleep 5 hours, but we are one step closer to normal. (sleep that is)

And did you know that a baby sleeping five hours is technically sleeping through the night?? Yeah, not eight hours, five. So, I guess he did it! I wonder if he will do it again.

I often get scared because I am afraid that we don't react quick enough to him at night. Phillip and I take so long to react/wake up in normal situations, what if we aren't hearing him right away?

On another note: we had a spur of the moment visit from Chris and Andrea! Chris had an 8 hour lay over on his way to New Zealand so he called up Andrea, got some sushi in our neck of the woods and stopped by for some quality baby holding time. It was so nice!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Oct 4, Day 52

Remember when I thought that one day with the blowout might have been the worst poop-ness. Nope, I was wrong.

Today at church during coffee hour, while being held by Betty, Henry pooped so much that he pooped through his diaper and his clothes. I was so afraid that he ruined Betty's beautiful Van Gogh sweater, but he didn't. Thank God.

I am just trying to figure out when in the service I can go back into the bride's room to nurse him so that we can stay for coffee hour more often. I don't want to miss Joey's sermons!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sat 10/3, Day 51

Today is the last day for Henry's antibiotics and yet it doesn't seem like he is any better. And can I tell you, this medicine has made Henry SO poopy! He poops a lot. I mean a lot. I really hope this doesn't mean he is allergic or anything. He didn't break out or get crazy sicker, so I doubt he is allergic, but you never know.

We were scared that he might have diarrhea and get dehydrated, but the nurse said this would only be a problem if he had more dirty diapers than feedings. So far that has not really been the case.

Henry also visited Shana at Curves today. I am sticking to my plan to venture out a bit more with him. (I need to remember Disneyland!)

Friday, October 2, 2009

10/2/09 Day FIFTY!

Half-way to 100!

I had a date with my girlfriends from school to meet at Chevy's in Burbank. I told Kristi I was going to bring Henry, but at the last minute I chickened out. I thought I was getting so much better at traveling with him and the idea of feeding and changing him in public.

Well, I guess I'm not comfortable with nursing in public. I have this great cover (bebe au lait) that Emily gave me, but I am not so confident. I need more practice and I just didn't have it in me today.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thurs Oct 1, Day 49

Henry slept overnight in his crib! He did it! We did it!

We are using our monitor, which sometimes gets some crazy static in the kitchen. This apartment is not that big, people! The monitor should work fine everywhere!

Now another worry: keeping him warm enough. We aren't swaddling him anymore, but he sleeps in a Sleep Sack with long sleeved pajamas underneath. We don't use a blanket yet because I am afraid. Maybe I will try it for naps when I am conscious and keep a look out.