Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 78 Friday 10/30

Today Henry is two months and three weeks old. That seems crazy. I catch myself thinking that it is still summer. If I am home during the day, I must be sick or its summer. So with this messed up thinking, I am having a hard time grasping how much time is passing. It is not summer. It is almost Halloween. Daylight savings time in tomorrow. I am going back to school in one month. Henry is almost three months old. whoa.

In an effort to prepare for going back to work, I am trying to train my body to not want to produce milk in the later morning. I will breast feed Henry before I leave for school, but then I will not have a chance to pump until lunch and then during my prep period (around 2 pm). Then I will race to get home by 4:30 ish to feed him. We are starting now. I feed Henry before 7am and then Phillip feeds him a bottle around 9ish, then I do the rest since in the future I can either nurse or pump for those feedings.

Henry is just starting to play in the tub. He has always loved his baths. He has not once fussed in the water. He doesn't cry or anything. He just lounges and loves it. Now he likes to splash and kick and we actually have some play time after he's all clean.

We bought a Vado video camera that is the shape of a cell phone or ipod. I will post some videos. (I should mention that I don't think I will stop posting after Henry's first 100 days). We taped him splashing in the tub.

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