Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thurs 10/8, day 56

Today marked the first time where I could not console Henry. Remember when we went to the doctor and found out he had and ear infection? The doctor was really pleased that Henry could be consoled when he was uncomfortable/cold/hurting (whatever he was while she was checking his ears and listening to his chest and back with a cold stethoscope).

Anyway, he could not be consoled today and I'm not sure why.

He was in his swing and was a little fussy. I was going to be cooking dinner so I put on some music that I thought he would like. He didn't so after a while, I turned it off. He was starting to cry.

I started chopping onions for the chicken posole and his crying increased. I tried making the vibrations on the swing stronger and the swinging faster and it didn't work. Normally, it does and it puts him to sleep. Nope!

So now I'm crying because of the onions and he starts wailing (I wonder if it could have been the onions too? He wasn't in the kitchen, but he wasn't super far away). I try washing my hands fast and I text Phillip that I need help. Luckily he was working with Mike in the building, so he got here quickly. He took Henry into his room and rocked him until he calmed down.


I finished making dinner. It was scary and I know that some moms and dads have that more often than not. I don't know what I would do.

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