Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sat 10/10, Day 58

I know Henry visited Curves last Saturday, today he came with me for the workout! Shana was so awesome. She said he could come with me and when he got a little fussy, she took him out of the stroller and held him while I worked out. He slept in her arms. It was so sweet.

Then after my workout, I proceeded to trip/fall/roll my ankle. AHHHHHH!! I was so embarassed. Regardless, Henry and I still had some errands to do... on foot. And I think it helped. We walked to the dry cleaner and Walgreen's. Then we went home to nurse and then we were out again, this time to another Walgreen's for envelopes, Borders for Grandpa Ray's birthday present and then a visit to Amanda.

This was the first time we were visiting friends at their home. Henry has always been the visitee, not the visitor, but we have become quite the traveling pair. We had to nurse in Amanda's bedroom, but we made it work! Henry was so good while she was holding him and then he played on the ground while we stared at him and then he fell asleep on my chest while I talked to Mike about how the Office could have been better.

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