Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 75 Tuesday Oct 27

Day 75??? Holy Crap!

Today we were on a quest for a flu shot. You would think that this was the end of the world or something. Everyone was out of the flu shot: we gave Target and two different CVSs a try. No dice. We ended up at the A to Z Pharmacy on Riverside Drive. The pharmacist is absolutely lovely. But of course, my arm is killing me.

Anyway, our pediatrician told us that it was imperative that we get both flu shots since Henry is too young to get one and I work with kids and Phillip is the main caregiver and yadda yadda. But NONE of our doctors have the shots to give us. What a world.

So now we wait until we can get the H1N1 shot... don't hold your breath.

Henry can now hit the toys hanging on his bouncy seat. He has so much more control over his arms. He used to just sit on the seat with his arms glued to his sides like he was trying not to fall. He did the same thing in the swing. Now he lifts his arms and tries to hit the hedgehog or the squirrel.

He also brings his hands to his mouth to chew on. His right hand is more dominant right now, but he can bring the left one up there too. He can't willingly keep them there for long, but he is now known to drool and suck his hands.

This is going so fast.

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