Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 71 Friday Oct 23

Henry and I love our long walks. I am really going to miss this. (I keep getting sad when I think about going back to work.)

Today we walked to the school that is attached to our church for a book fair. I love books. We read to Henry before bed every night. Any excuse to buy more books is good for me. I bought books for my nieces, for Henry and for myself. My students love those "how to draw" books so I got one for cars and one for Spongebob. I teach high school and they love Spongebob.

Just recently Henry started kicking his legs up. He is getting more aware of what he can do with his arms and his legs. He used to just kick one leg at a time and just outward. Then he could kick both legs out at the same time. Now he can kick them upward, like he is doing reverse crunches. I notice him doing this when he is fighting off sleep during a nap time. He doesn't normally like to just fall asleep, now he is physically trying to fight it.

Today calls for lots of rambling.

I want to mention that Deanne calls Henry's chin his "smile button" because Henry will sometimes smile if I tickle his chin. It's so sweet.

Tonight we video chatted with my family. They were celebrating my dad and my brother's birthdays. This was the first time Matt and Jill have seen Henry outside of photos. It was wonderful. Technology is amazing.

While I was rocking/dancing with Henry before bed, he gripped onto me like a hug. It was almost indescribable, but it made my heart swell.

Around midnight tonight, Henry decided he wanted to wake up. He hasn't done that in a while so Phillip got up and soothed him back to sleep. That was nice.

and last but not least tonight, this is on my mind:

If Henry eats a lot, people say that it is a growth spurt.
If Henry does not eat a lot, people say that it is a growth spurt.
If Henry sleeps a lot, people say that it is a growth spurt.
If Henry sleeps only a little bit, people say that it is a growth spurt...

He is just over two months old. He isn't doing anything but growing. He is spurting all the time! There is no rhyme or reason for most of what happens.

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