Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday October 18, Day 66

Grandpa Ray's birthday!!

Henry slept from around 9pm last night until 6am this morning. We almost died. I couldn't believe it. I know it won't last, but... Thank you, God!

So, thinking I could go to this wedding without my baby and without my pump was absolutely ridiculous. I was in SO much pain by the time we left, I thought I was going to cry. (that and my feet hurt... I hate heels) My boobs were so hard. It was pretty bad. I have learned my lesson. I will nurse or pump wherever I am, I don't care what people think.


Last night when we got back from Christina's house, we found Henry on the blanket happily playing with Grandma and Grandpa. As soon as he saw us, he burst out crying, super loud and screamy. We just gaped at him and went to him. As soon as we got close, he stopped. He just wanted to tell us, "HEY! WHERE WERE YOU? I MISSED YOU!" We got it. And it was funny and sweet.

Tonight, we got back and he was asleep. We had lots to share about the wedding and desserts to eat. And I had to pump.

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