Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tues 10/13, Day 61

We went through FIVE, count them, five diapers at 6 am today. I am so serious. First, he peed while Phillip was changing him. He was on his new diaper already so he had to change that one. While that one was in transit, Henry pooped. He just pooped right there on the table.

as you can see, it just went on from there...

He also had another huge plunky barf again today. This time while doing Tummy Time.

I also called the doctor's office so they could walk me through what will happen on Thursday when Henry gets his first set of shots. I'm so nervous. The receptionist wasn't all that helpful, so I called Emily instead. She can actually answer a question. I wanted to know how he might react, if it hurts, what to do, how to handle, etc. She gave me the low down from her experience.

The receptionist said that I could give Henry baby Tylenol one hour before his appointment and that the instructions for how much would be on the box... not true!! It says if your baby is under 2 years or under 24 lbs, then to consult your doctor. Wonderful!

Emily said that she just brings the tylenol with her to the doctor and asks and administers it then. She also said that she nursed her babies after their shots.

mental notes!

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