Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 70, Thu Oct 22

Henry went with me on the Walk of the Month! We walked around Toluca Lake and marveled at the houses and the Halloween decorations. Henry slept the entire two plus miles walk. He looooooooooves the movement of the stroller. It just lulls him to sleep.

At the end of the walk, we had pie at Marie Callender's (I had this blueberry cream pie that was awesome!). Henry, of course, woke up and was hungry. So, I nursed him with the modesty cape. I am slowly getting more comfortable with doing this. I hesitated, worried about what I was going to do. He was crying a bit and I was giving him the pacifier. Then I was going to ask if anyone would mind if I nursed him as I started to take him out of the stroller. Anita's sister asked me about him and in talking to her I told her that he was hungry, needed to be fed and that I wondered if anyone would mind. She said, "no one minds, go ahead". So I did.

Tonight was also the USS Rock n Roll dinner party. Phillip and I worked really hard to: make and bring food and dessert, get the baby fed, changed and in his pajamas and practiced with the Pack N Play. It was a crap ton of work for only about an hour of socializing. Henry did great! He went to sleep in the Pack N Play after minimal rocking. I was exhausted. This whole bringing him out during bedtime doesn't seem worth it yet.

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