Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday October 21, Day 69

Mike and Amanda's Anniversary! #3! Way to go!

Today I had to go to school from about 10-4 give or take some travel time. I even went to Curves in the morning before getting ready... but here is how the day went for Henry:

He slept until 5am! Wow! So I felt great when I got up to nurse him. But then, when my alarm went off for Curves, I realized that our general schedule was going to be off. I was going to leave just before 8 and he would want to be fed around then... So at 7:37, I woke him up to nurse him. He did pretty good, slept most of the time. It's funny to me that babies can nurse and "sleep" at the same time. I wish I could eat a cheeseburger while taking a nap.

I was hesitant about waking him, but I wanted to make sure I could exercise and he would be fed. Flexibility, my friend!

Anyway, I think this bump in the schedule threw off his whole day. After I nursed him around 9, after working out, and left at 10, he gave Phillip the hardest time. Remember that long nap he has been taking around 11? Not today. Phillip said it seemed like he couldn't make him happy, no matter what. Henry wanted to be held, no. He wanted to lay flat on a blanket, no. He needed his pants changed, no. He wanted a bottle, yes, but still not happy. He needed to burp, sometimes. It just kept going and going.

So Phillip took Henry in his stroller to the grocery store, thinking the walk would make him sleep. It didn't. And he fussed in the store. When they got home, Henry cried the whole time while Phillip went to pee. Phillip was soooo frustrated. Then Henry finally fell asleep just as I got home.

Tonight, after Phillip left for his class, Henry gave me some fussiness too. He had a huge burp with spit up. I wonder if he is struggling with reflux or something. I think I am going to try nursing more vertically rather than horizontally and I'm going to let him dictate the schedule tomorrow. Even if it means nursing at Marie Callender's.

Henry did go to sleep tonight, but not after his 5pm feeding. I think he is starting to spread out the naps. I need to pay attention to the sleep changes. We also need to incorporate more Phillip time so they get used to each other together without me. The last three weeks have been really Henry/Mommy centered. It is going to be so hard to go back to work.


  1. Regarding eating a cheeseburger and sleeping. apparently, I once too a nap on the sofa and ate potato chips at the same time. There are witnesses too, Norm and Kristee, laughed like crazy. It is possible still you know, you just have to challenge yourself! haha.

    Do you think nursing him a little off schedule caused his fussiness?

  2. Fun blog! We had a baby on Aug. 17th so it's neat to read about someone else at pretty much the exact same stage. Anyway, I am commenting to let you know that you won the cupcake stackers. Please send your mailing address to stef at cupcakeproject dot com. Congrats!