Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 80 Sunday November 1

Happy Birthday Matt!
Bears Win!

Today Henry and I went with Amanda to Betsy's baby shower. Betsy and Sean are expecting a little boy in January and I couldn't be more happy for them! Her friends Kat and Rachel had a lovely tea party baby shower where we painted onesies for the new baby. It was a lot of fun. I looooove tea. I love painting. I love Amanda and I love Betsy. It was a nice party.

I was super nervous, of course. Amanda helped a ton. She held Henry, she helped carry stuff in and she would get me refills of tea or help finish my painting when I was holding/rocking/feeding/changing Henry. She is my left arm.

When you go to other people's houses, where do you change the baby? where do you feed the baby? can he go on a blanket on the floor? does he have to stay in the car seat? So many questions. Rachel was a gracious host and she was so relaxed and chill about everything. I changed him on the floor in her bedroom because there was a rug. I fed him with the modesty cape in the living room on the couch and when he was full and not fussing, he chilled out in the car seat. He was a pretty good guest. He definitely had some fussy moments, but he eventually fell asleep in my arms. We are so blessed with such a beautiful and sweet baby.

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