Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 81 Mon Nov 2

Totally un-Henry related: I won something!! I follow the Cupcake Project blog and about a week ago, she requested feedback on video reviews of her cupcakes. If you left your email address with your comment, you would be entered in a drawing to win Cupcake Stackers and I WON! I am so excited. If you like food, if you like food blogs, if you like recipes, if you like cupcakes, you should read her blog. The photographs are amazing and she is so good at clearly explaining how and what she does. I can't wait to try and make Apple Cider cupcakes. I can't wait to get my cupcake stackers!

Back to Henry!

So we are still trying to do the morning bottle and I am getting engorged. Each day is better than the last so I am glad we are doing this now and not when I am in a room full of teenagers. Henry will take the bottle of breast milk, but he doesn't seem as satisfied. He drinks as much as he wants, and yet acts hungry soon after. Maybe bottles of breast milk are the chinese food of infanthood.

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