Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 96 Tuesday November 17

Back to Jury Duty. I got to go home. Thank you God!

I had to plead with the judge about my situation and she was not sympathetic. I told her how I couldn't miss my first day back from maternity leave and that we are a one income family. She responded by asking me why I didn't fill out a form indicating that I couldn't afford it (I can't remember the word she used) and I said that I can afford to do jury duty, the week I was called, which is this week, not two weeks from now. DUH!

Then I had to leave the room and not until later was I released. YEE HAW! I donated my jury duty money back to the courts.

Back to Henry:

I startled him today. It was funny but not funny. He was scared and started to cry. I was just coming into his room and I thought he knew I was there. nope.

Grandma and Grandpa called today to sing to him.

I spend a lot of time thinking about and worrying about Henry's schedule. If we thought I was neurotic before I had him...

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