Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 86, Saturday Nov 7

Today was a BIG day! We took Henry to his first class ever!

Our friend Beth teaches a music class, in French, to babies! The class is for newborns to two year olds. It was really nice and Beth is wonderful. However, it somehow did not work for Henry schedule-wise. He was a little sleepy, he needed a diaper change in the middle and he wanted to eat too. And the class is only 45 minutes! We also think that it would suit him better in at least three months when he could hold the shaker or the drum and use them on purpose instead of by accident. :)

Side note: not feeding him after the first morning feeding today did not go well for me. I got SUPER engorged and leaked all over my shirt and that was through TWO nursing pads! Phillip says maybe it needs to get worse before it gets better. I hope so.

Then, Henry and I had a tea and knitting party to go to at Patty's house! We had such a good time and did so well. He breast fed twice and napped twice! We were able to do just about everything there that we would do at home! And Kristee and Patty got him to laugh and I missed it! Kristee mimiced his grunting noises and they said he did a grunt laugh at her!

We had such a good time.

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