Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 85, Friday Nov 6

Henry is 12 weeks old today! I am stunned at this fact. Was it twelve whole weeks ago, that we were in the hospital? So, three months ago, I was still pregnant? Everything feels like a blur and yet, I can distinctly remember how hard it was in the beginning and how hot it was and how I still had to wear my maternity pants and... yeah, it was hard.

But 12 weeks have gone by and Henry is sleeping well. Most nights he sleeps until six-ish which is wonderful. He and I do really well with breastfeeding. I can't remember if I mentioned it, but my friend Karen told me that if I could breastfeed for six weeks, I could do it forever. She was so right. I remember waking up from a fog during week six and thinking, "Oh my God, this doesn't make me want to die anymore!" or something like that.

He is such a wonderful, chubby, smiley, beautiful, sweet baby boy. We are so blessed. He is a miracle, a gift from God. I am so grateful.

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