Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 82 Tuesday Nov 3


Today we went with Henry to stand in the horrors of lines to get the H1N1 vaccine. Yes, we drank the Kool-Aid and freaked out about getting the vaccine. I spent the last two weeks calling our general practitioner every day about how we could get the vaccine. I was told over and over that they would have it "next week." I woke up this morning, checked online to see where the free clinics were, saw that one was in Glendale today, and we went for it. We were there, in line, for FIVE hours. Insane. Oh, and they ran out of the shot. We had to get the nasal mist. Whatever! It felt like we were in a war or something and we had to stand in line for rations.

While we were in line, I had to leave and find a place to change him and feed him. The car was parked about a mile away, so that wasn't an option. I found a corner near a parking garage. I had to sit on the ground, but I did it.

Occasionally Henry does not like to be covered by the modesty wrap. Sometimes it's because it's kinda hot or sweaty. This was a little problem today, but we had to just push through. We didn't have a choice.

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