Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 92 Friday November 13

When I change Henry, he can get a little whiny so I play the classical music station on the radio. We keep it on while we play in his room. He also has classical music on his swing. Is there any proof that playing classical music makes you smarter? It feels like there should be.

I can't always be close enough to hear it when Henry poops, but I am SO glad when I am. Sometimes this baby poops is abundant enough to actually leak UP the back of his diaper. I know that since he consumes nothing but breast milk this means that his poops are quite liquidy. I also know that if you spend a lot of time playing on your back this means that your liquid poop has the tendency to spread up... like I said: I'm happy when I hear him poop. That way, I catch it in time.

(blog actually posted June 25: last day of school! It has taken me this long to find the time to turn my daily notes into blog entries. Getting ready to go back to work and actually being a working mom/wife/sister/friend did not leave enough time to blog.)

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