Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 83, Wed Nov 4

We coined the term "boob-bandoned" today because Henry seems to be rejecting taking a bottle. So we say he is feeling boob-bandoned. :)

This morning was actually kinda scary... We got Henry after we heard him moving around. He was on the changing table and smiling so sweetly and then I realized his mouth, his lips are stuck shut. I FREAKED! It was totally out of a JJ Abrams tv show. I got a warm washcloth and placed it on his mouth and it immediately opened. He kept on smiling so I knew it wasn't upsetting him as much as it upset me, but I didn't know what it meant! Was he dehydrated? Sick?

We called Emily and then we called the nurse. Anne thought he probably just had a wet burp and it dried on his lips. She said that if he was smiling, then he wasn't dehydrated. He didn't have any other symptoms so he wasn't sick. Her advice was to use a humidifier and/or put petroleum jelly on his lips before bed.

Thank you GOD.

Oh! And we had a meeting at Chase bank about getting a 529 account for Henry for college. Long story short... this guy was a total jerk. I will post my husband's letter to the bank manager.

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