Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 89, Tuesday 11/10

Henry cried like CRAZY when he woke up this morning. He has not done this is quite a while. It was a little disturbing. Then he quiets down, eventually and acts like nothing happened.

Yesterday we went on a walk with Patty and she commented on his eye. He has had a lot of juicy-ness coming out in the last two days, a lot more than usual. He has always had that clogged tear duct in his right eye, but this seemed more than normal eye gunk a la clogged duct. So today it was the same if not worse because it looks like his eyelids are red. So we called the nurse and told her about it. Some of the eye gunk is greener than the normal yellowy color, so she got the doctor to call in a prescription. I had to jump through some hoops with Target and proving Henry has insurance since I still have not received his card (Screw you Health Net!), but I got the tiny tube of ointment (which was once over $100, but we got it for $30).

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