Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Sept. 23, Day 41

Oh my God, I am freaking out. Henry has a stuffy nose. Phillip has been sick for quite a few days. We have been pushing vitamins and exercise and trying to deny that he is sick, but he is. I called the nurse on Monday or was it yesterday...

Anyway, I asked her what we should do when one of us is sick. We can avoid other people easily, but we can't avoid him. She told us that we should not cough or sneeze near him. If I'm nursing, and I'm sick, then I should cover him with a blanket or a towel. If we are sick, we shouldn't kiss him on his face or hands.

But then, it started last night. He is so stuffy. I can hear him struggling to breathe. He doesn't know to breathe through his mouth instead. He is struggling while nursing. My heart is breaking.

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