Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sun Sept 13, Day 31

Another first! Henry went to church for the first time and boy was he a hit! Chris and Sandra went with us and usually guests are a big deal. Well, no one wanted anything to do with them, or with Phillip and I. Henry was the show!

He slept through most of the service. He was in the stroller until it started, then he was a bit fussy. I put him in the sling and he just slept and slept. Just like when he was inside me, he loved the music. Its not like he kicks me anymore, I can just tell that music soothes him.

We didn't stay for the barbecue afterwards because I had to feed him and we didn't want to get too crazy on his first weekend out.

I am so proud of this little baby. He can't do much yet, but he is so sweet and beautiful and I love introducing him to everyone I know.

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