Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday 9/28, Day 46

Now that I know we can take Henry out and about or at least now that I am more comfortable with me taking Henry out, I am going to get braver.

Today I took Henry in the ergo carrier to Ralph's so I could get groceries for my new cooking project (a month of weeknight meals from Real Simple). I pushed his stroller too, so I would have a way to carry the bags home.

Henry fusses a little when you put him in the ergo, but once he is in, he sleeps soundly. I love having him so close and having my hands free. I need to use it even more so that he gets used to it.

We had to buy the infant attachment thing for the ergo so we could use it while he is this little. It's funny because he isn't that little, but he is still an infant who can't hold up his own head. He needs the extra support.

The ergo is different from the baby bjorn in the fact that Henry will always be facing me. He could be on my side, front or back, but he always faces me. That way he has control over his surroundings. If he gets overstimulated and wants to hide or look away, he can. We haven't had this problem yet since he promptly falls asleep. I will report any new developments.

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