Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday 9/27, Day 45: DISNEYLAND

Holy Crap! We did it!

We ventured outside of a two mile radius and we took Henry to Disneyland (specifically California Adventure) for Patty's birthday. It was very successful and now we know we can do it!

I nursed him in a bathroom, in the theater watching Aladdin and in the car before we left.

I changed him in a bathroom and Phillip changed him in a bathroom.

When he was awake, he was great! He looked at lights and at people. He didn't fuss. He slept. It went really well.

and on top of it all: It was his first time at Disneyland! Patty's friend, Ky, gave us all buttons and Henry's says, "First Visit". It was adorable. If you are friends with Patty, you should watch the video she has on facebook of us arriving. It makes me cry just remembering it. We have such wonderful, sweet and creative friends.

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