Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday September 5

Today at 11am, Henry and I dropped Phillip off at Annie's house. He is going to be gone all day. It's just Henry and me. This was the first time I drove with him and we were all alone. Let me tell you, he really likes the car when its moving, but let's say you go to the Starbucks drive thru and you have to wait in the line, then your son starts to cry every time you idle. It was a good experiment.

So it was just the two of us. We went to Odyssey video. We spent a lot of time on the phone talking to Sharon AND we bought a jogging stroller at a yard sale for $30! JACKPOT! I needed this so when Henry can hold his head up, we are going to make sure I fit into my pants before I have to go back to work!

Mike came by in the afternoon to help out and we talked about the elaborate bachelor party weekend he was participating in. Amanda brought dinner and we hung out with Patty for a while. Then we all tried to watch 17 Again, but it got late and Henry needed to eat and sleep.

Amanda and I will make another date with Zac.

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