Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday 9/7 Labor Day and Day 25

What an uneventful holiday, yet this was Henry's first holiday! YAY!

We went for a long and nice walk with Karen. It was so nice outside. The heat is finally breaking. I know it won't last long, but it was so beautiful.

We spent a lot of time practicing with the bottle, pumping and then freaking out because Henry wasn't getting satisfied at his feedings. I know you can't really run out of milk, but I got so upset because I could not feed my baby.

We also video chatted with Great Grandma Mary! This was the first time she had seen him other than in pictures. It was wonderful to hear her voice.

Now Henry has been asleep since 6:30/7:00 and I don't want to wake him. I would rather he wakes up on his own at night, but I have to get up early tomorrow and I can't go to sleep because I know I have to feed him and GAH.

Oh and I forgot to include that on Friday night, he slept for about five hours. From 11pm to 4 am. We felt GREAT!

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