Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sat Sept 19 Day 37


yuck yuck yuck

Apparently another great feature of living in Southern freaking California is the lovely fact that termite eggs get carried by the wind and where ever they land, they hatch. After they hatch, they try to find a place to burrow and if they can't find it, they die. WELL, a crap ton of termite eggs found their way into the fluorescent light fixture in our kitchen today! Loads of winged termites were trapped in the plastic where I found them flapping and buzzing (sorta, it was a GROSS noise) while I also found other flying and landing on the window, the counters, the floor, everywhere. One was on my pants.

How does this happen? We have an entire apartment above us and that one has two floors!

I ran out to get organic and baby/pet safe bug killer while Phillip and our manager vacuumed as many as they could. It was nasty and the apartment smelled like root beer the whole day and night. That's what the organic bug killer smells like. I kept Henry in his room with the door closed. His is the only room that smells normal.

Please God, do not let this have poisoned Henry. Please, please, please.

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