Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wed Sept 16, Day 34

Another breast feeding class and Henry weighed in at 10lbs 15.5 oz!! He gained a pound in a week. I think I might stop going to this class. It's a support class and I think whatever we are doing is working. I worry just to worry.

I should say, though, that Henry has been SUPER fussy while nursing lately! He just kicks and shakes his head like crazy. He doesn't always do it and of course he didn't do it at the class in front of the lactation consultant, but it worries me. I can't calm him down. I can eventually get him to latch on or latch back on. Cambria, the consultant, thinks that it might be related to the milk flow. She says that if it starts coming too fast or slow, it might freak him out. If its too fast, then I should lean back and that will slow it down. If it is too slow, I can try to massage the breast to help speed it up.

We also read online that he might be having a growth spurt, so he might be uncomfortable. Shoot, he only weighs 11ish lbs and he gained one whole pound in a week. If we gained 1/11th of our weight in a week, we would be hurting too!

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