Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Aug 19 Day 6

Breastfeeding gets better and then it gets harder. We have had some trouble getting him to be calm enough to latch on. Sometimes it takes ten minutes to remind him that he knows how to do this. Eating should be a natural response, but when you have never done it before, it must be a wild ride. That seems to be a theme with Phillip and I: remember he has never done ANY of this before.

More firsts!

First walk around the block. I wore him in a sling. Walking is still lots of trouble. I go S.L.O.W

First outfit(s): We dressed him up because Christina and Kristi came to see him so we thought he ought to wear clothes. the first outfit was not only too big, but he kinda messed it up with poop.

Poop Interjection: At the doctor on Monday, Dr. Lubin said that Henry should poop about once a day, but to know that breast fed babies can often go a few days without pooping. Well, we hadn't changed a poopie diaper since Sunday night so all day Monday we kinda freaked out. No poop. Then no poop all day Tuesday. He was super gassy. He farted on Patty TWICE! So sorry Patty! But then we gave him the bath that night, so around midnight, POOP! We were so pleased! Little did we know what was in store for us.

Wednesday (Day 6) ended up being a poop factory day. Wow. And Henry has taken to peeing on us and himself almost every time we change his diaper. We have tried everything to keep the pee to a minimum but to no avail. We asked friends what they've done, we will ask my cousin when we see her on Friday. I really hope this is just a day six phase.

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