Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stuff we did the week(s) we waiting for the baby to arrive

So a day before our due date, Patty stops by for breakfast tea and a chat and tells us: you need to live life. We had been treating each day that week so delicately because we expected to go into labor at any moment. We missed seeing Norman perform because we thought going over the hill was too far. So since we are overdue and are currently planning on the induction, I thought I would make a list of all the different things we did or experienced in the days up to and after the due date celebrating the last few days of "just the two of us" and the pregnancy in general.

We went to the Santa Monica Pier, ate hot dogs, corn on the cob and french fries.
We sat on the beach far away from the crowd and watched a guy fight the ocean.
We strolled the Third Street Promenade and this is where Phillip bought me my "Push Presents": a charm bracelet we will engrave with the baby's name and birthday and a Peridot ring (Peridot is the August birthstone).
We went to the Skirball Museum to see their Superhero exhibits. They let teachers in for FREE!
We went to the LA Zoo with Mike and Amanda.
I got a one hour massage for $20. I am not kidding you!
We got up early, went for walks and then went back to sleep.
We went to the movies and saw "Funny People."
We went to the Huntington with Patty for High Tea! The best around!

I bet I've missed something, but we really tried to enjoy and live life.
Great advice from a great friend.

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