Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 4

First doctor visit. We left the house -- all three of us together -- and we were almost on time!

Walking officially SUCKS. It feels like gravity and a bowling ball are in my underwear if my underwear was my vagina and was held together with stitches (too much?).

It was our first full day at home. Last night was tough. My milk has come in (Wow, more pain? Are you for real?) and after the 3:00 AM feeding I went to sleep with a cold wash cloth on each boob and an ice pack between my legs. It was worth waking up shivering. Oh, they hurt so bad.

Back to Henry. Geez, this isn't MY First 100 Days!

He now weighs 7 pounds, 13 ounces, so he's gaining his weight back and that made the doctor happy, so it makes us happy, too. His jaundice isn't too bad and should clear up soon if he keeps eating well and hangs out in some indirect sunlight. And poops. Very important.

Guess what I'm doing right now.

Laying on my tummy! I haven't done this in F-O-R-E-V-E-R! Careful floor. Don't touch my boobs!

Henry is big for a newborn, but he is so tiny. He is a sack of wiggly bones. He doesn't sleep as much as I thought. He needs to be convinced to sleep. We are trying to get a routine going of breastfeeding one side, then diaper change, then breast feed on the other side with a burp in there, too. He may sleep a little afterward, as he is a baby.

Today marks the first spit up! If we'd taken a photo, you would have seen chunky and clear spit up that slid down between my boobs. That's what skin-to-skin gets you.

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