Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Skin and Feet (mine not the baby's)

Quick mentions

Skin: I broke out a lot on my face pretty badly twice during this pregnancy. Hormones are lovely. I also had super, super dry skin on my cheeks for most of these months. However, once it got to be hot (for anyone who is not aware, we live in southern California), I have not struggled with the dry skin or as many pimples. Weird, because I sweat all the time!

One of the recommendations I received for the dry skin was to keep chugging water. This is great advice and I just can't do it. I drink iced tea almost all day every day. It has water in it! I'm just terrible at being faithful to drinking just water. I know I need to get better or at least make sure that I am drinking green tea or decaffeinated iced tea while I breast feed. I don't need a caffeinated baby.

I experimented with face lotions and stuck with the Olay brand I have always used.

As for the rest of my skin, I tried using Cocoa Butter lotion for my belly, chest, waist and booty area, but I have to be honest. I hate the smell! I gave up and used a variety of different lotions. My favorite is Bath and Body Works and I used their aromatherapy Lavender (just lavender = yum) and one of their body butters. It is also purple, orchid, I think. I also used Trader Joe's moisturizing cream. I switched off and I have been lucky so far to have only gotten stretch marks on my butt. Not that I ever wear bikinis, but I feel so blessed to be stretch mark free on my belly. The ones on my butt were a surprise, but I'll take them. I did gain a LOT of weight and it went almost entirely to my butt and thighs so it stands to reason there would be a reaction.

My feet. For most of this experience, I did great at work with my Keens and Crocs. It wasn't until after school let out for the summer that I started to notice swelling in my ankles, feet and even my TOES! I had read that this might/would happen and boy did it ever! My shoes are tight! I refuse to buy other shoes. I swear that I will lose this swelling and my feel will shrink back to normal! I love my shoes. I don't want to buy new shoes. I wear my Teva sandles whenever it is appropriate and stuff my feet into my Crocs when I need to be a bit more dressy.

Also, this last month has been the month of foot pain. They just get sore and tired very quickly. Like I said earlier, I gained a bit of weight and my feet are paying for it. I will pay them back, I promise! If only they can hold out for a few more days!

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